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I Have Finally Arrived.. Or Rather, Arryved

So, after my long, lovely, and let’s not say once-in-a-lifetime, because having now had a “sabbatical,” I can say whole-heartedly, they are *worth* it- I am thrilled to head back to work today. Whooo-hooo!!

Ready for the day!

Ready for the day!

I talked about the why’s of my decision to head back to work in an earlier post. I also wrote about what I wanted to do and tried to be as honest and direct as I could, particularly with myself. Turns out that was a good strategy- shortly after my post, I had a gaggle of folks reach out to me with offers, leads, or just encouragement. It was a fantastic response and I was flattered and humbled by it. I spoke to people about a variety of really compelling roles, but one stood out in particular.

I am joining a growing, top tier, management consulting firm called Arryve, based in Bellevue, as Director of Business Management and Operations. For those who have worked with me, that title should sound familiar- it’s exactly what I love to do and excel at. The role is primarily an internally-focused leadership role, though I hope and expect to work with our customers and represent the company externally as well.

Now, you may be asking, why a consulting firm? Why not Amazon, a start up, or back to Microsoft? Looking at all the opportunities, I thought primarily about three things: People, Culture, and Opportunity. I am excited to join Arryve for myriad reasons, but chief among them are:

– I know and respect the founders of the firm, along with many of their current and former consultants. In fact, I have worked with them as peers, hired them to work for me, and have carefully watched their track record over the last five years.

– There is great opportunity for growth- for me professionally and for the firm.

– Management consulting is at it’s core, a service, and from the first time I waited tables, I was hooked on providing the best possible service and experience.

– Arryve’s core values align closely to my own- employ top notch people, provide superior service, always be striving to improve, act with integrity and respect, and have a great time along the way. Take your client’s needs seriously, not yourself.

The only damper on my excitement is the recognition that by choosing this “door,” there are others I will not to go through. Every choice we make in life leaves other ones we did not take and that’s always hard for me. It’s part of my nature to see the opportunity in everything and it’s particularly hard for me to turn down former colleagues and folks I admire. There may be a silver lining though, given that Arryve is a consulting firm, we are for hire and would love to work on whatever thorny, complex, only-the-best-will-do challenges you are facing.

Finally, I’d like to thank my family, friends, and colleagues for their support on this journey- it has been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without the many kind words, coffees, and pep talks I received! It may sound funny, but I’m also so grateful to myself that I was brave enough to plunge into the unknown five months ago. I know too well that I could still be sitting where I was, unhappy but safe, saying, “What if? What if?” (Now, the question is, does this strike a chord for YOU?)

And yes, I will continue blogging about work, family, technology, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Stay tuned. Suggestions welcomed!

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